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About Us

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever."

Ephesians 3:20-21.

Pan de Vida is a family ministry. Our farmette is located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We are a homeschool family with a passion for Jesus.  Over the last year, we have focused our efforts on creating events where people can experience God through nature, the arts, healthy dining, learning, and community. At our house, community is built one meal at a time. We welcome you to spend a few minutes on our site, learn more about our story, and join us at one of our events.  

Our Story

     We have been blessed to call Lancaster home, a place with a vibrant history of agriculture and Christian community. We are blessed to be surrounded by local farms that provide an abundant supply of fresh produce which allows us to cook great healthy dinners for our family and friends. Lancaster holds a special place in our hearts as we met and married here in 2003. In 2010, God called us to ministry in Florida. While living there, God called us to homeschool our children,which has been the most rewarding journey of our lives. Homeschooling has given us the freedom to be able to raise God fearing children. Through homeschooling we've also come to learn so much about biblical homesteading, gardening, healthy living, and eating.  In 2019 we moved back home to Pennsylvania. We always dreamed of living on a farm close to an Amish community, and in summer of 2020 we were blessed with this farmette. This is where we raise our family and run our ministry, Pan de Vida farmhouse (Bread of Life). We chose this name for various reasons, one being because we believe this is the place where we can not only feed people good bread, but also give them Jesus, which is the Bread of Life (John 6:35). Second, we love whole grains, we mill our own grains and bake with freshly milled flour, which has inspired our oldest son  to start  a small bread business, Dream Grains. Lastly, Pan de Vida was the name of the food ministry our grandmother Celis Zambrana cultivated.  She used to distribute groceries to families from the community and feed people. She always believed that food is love, and the table brings people together. She has been the greatest inspiration and influence of our ministry . 

       Just like at grandma's house, at our house, life happens in the kitchen and the table is the heart of our home. The table is where stories and good meals are shared, lessons are learned, and creativity is sparked. The table is where we show love and make memories. It’s more than a piece of furniture - it’s a place where our bodies and souls are nourished.  We value community because we were created for community. Therefore, weather is cooking for people, painting, teaching a class, or simply gathering  allows us to make genuine connections. We need these times of nourishment and connection now more than ever. People are hungry for Jesus, who is the true source of love, true healing, and freedom.

      Pan de Vida was born out of our love to gather people around a big, long table, and help them experience Jesus through one of our experiences. At Pan de Vida, you may arrive as a stranger, but by the end of our events you will be sharing stories, exchanging numbers, and making new friends.That’s the beauty of what can happen around the table when Jesus is at the center. Our prayer is that you come out of this place not only with a full belly, but most importantly with a full spirit. We are excited to be able to share with you this beautiful sacred place. We look forward to preparing a seat for you at our table.

Meet The Team

Marcos has a passion for baking bread, history, and politics. He is currrently developing a small business called Dream Grains, which you can learn more about at He is the baker of Pan de Vida. All baked products are made by him, using his freshly- milled flour.

Moriah loves art, singing, horses, and her pets. She dreams of one day having her own horse and her own small business, "Moriah's Garden", to create safe and healthy products for girls. Moriah loves to serve people. At Pan de Vida you will find her waiting tables and making new friends.

Isacar is the social butterfly of the family He loves to meet new people! Isacar enjoys cooking and seasoning meats with the best herbs and ingredients possible. He is also passionate about filming and photography. He is currently taking classes through Tomorrow's Filmakers to start his own filming and photography business . He is the official photographer of Pan de Vida.

Caleb loves building things and wearing hats. He is currently working on starting his small business "Caleb's Hats." At Pan de Vida Caleb helps with set up and the appetizer stations.

Both Juan and Adi are teachers. Juan, a veteran art teacher with over 20 years of experience, is in charge of all the art and painting projects. Adi loves to teach, cook, work on the garden, and plan events. She is in charge of every detail of our Pan de Vida dinners.

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